Victoria Musson

The Corn Mother in Ancient Civilisations to the Present: Offerings and Sacrifices

Make your very own corn mother, spirit effigy. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and involves a practical hands on experience of simple effigy making and modern contemporary offerings. Learn how to use sacred wheat or barley corn to create your very own harvest Goddess to grant prosperity and fortune for the coming year.

I am a folk artist; a student of the old path and traditional ways, a rural folklorist and teacher of straw craft and natural fibre art. I work closely with and in the rural landscape and the changing seasons. My work is a reflection of what I feel and find and touches a nerve of something ancient, indigenous, tribal and sacred.   

The harvest is of special significance for me, not only is this a time of reaping the grains but a time when the fields have added vitality. I hand reap the first and last cut of grains each year before they are commercially cut by modern machinery. The fertility of the land in folklore and practice is a theme that is richly entwined within my work. Each year and season is different and thus results in an array of unique colours and textures of fibre. I use the earth, the sandy soils and the rich iron clays of the area, the trees from Oak to Silver Birch, the flowers and herbs of the hedgerows and feathers and bones found, that come to rest upon the land.

Victoria Musson

Victoria Musson uses the landscape as the inspiration for her artistic creations. Each piece that is created is made to breathe a magic of its very own. The spirit of place and the magic of the landscape are encapsulated in her craft. Folklore and ancient traditions are also primary in her artistic creations. She works in harmony with the seasons and uses natural fibre as the main source of material. The farming year and seasonal calendar is of great significance as she hand gathers, reaps and sows her own working medium. She specialises in working in the old Arte of Straw and making Harvest Home dolls, effigies, idols and figures with a contemporary twist on an old pre christian tradition.