Statement on Trans-women, Non-binary and Other Gender-variant Identities

The Directors of the Magickal Women Conference statement on trans-women, non-binary and other gender-variant identities.

From the Directors of the Magickal Women Conference

We value and honour the contributions of women in the field of magick and the occult, including trans-women and people who identify outside the gender binaries. We also recognise and respect the intersectionality of feminism and the various levels of oppression experienced by women and femme-presenting individuals across class and racial lines, and especially the vulnerability of transgender women of colour. We have and will continue to treat with dignity and respect those with various gender identities and preferred pronouns, and we will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of anyone based on their gender identity or expression.


We fully support the work of Stonewall in the UK, who "work to ensure that LGBT people, across all communities, are valued, welcomed by all and can participate fully in society", and it is our goal to maintain that ethos both at the conference and in our personal lives.