Soror Mimm

 Women of the Golden Dawn: Past, Present, and Future

In the history of ceremonial magic, societies, and their corresponding Orders women have rarely been those to reap the accolades and deserved acknowledgement for their magical efforts. In fact, women have found themselves at odds with most traditions of ceremonial magic, often never having an opportunity for entrance or membership in an era heavily focused on male fraternity.

Founded in 1888 by Rosicrucians and Freemasons S.L. McGregor Mathers, William Wynn Westcott, and W. R. Woodman, the Golden Dawn was one of the first orders to admit women into the fold. There is a strong feminine undercurrent within the Golden Dawn with initiation rituals contained in an enclosed vault, symbolic of the womb and the birth of women into ceremonial magic; the first initiation rituals of the Golden Dawn used the gender pronoun “she” – further indicating the current’s focus on women initiates. Exploration into original manuscripts also suggests the goddess Hathor to be the matron deity of the Order itself.

However, most recall the names of members such as Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, A.E. Waite, Pat Zalewski, Chic Cicero, and William Butler Yeats when the subject of Golden Dawn is discussed. With such a path forged ahead for women by its male founders, why are women still such a footnote within Golden Dawn? Fortunately, seeds of power for women in this magical tradition were planted upon the order’s inception. This trend continues today in more force, with women leading some of the largest and most powerful Golden Dawn Orders around the world.

Soror Mimm will take you on a journey of feminine power and progress within the Order of the Golden Dawn; highlighting the order’s first female members - those who had long ago paved the way for future generations, the work of our current leaders in the largest orders around the world, and the future of women in this male-dominated magical society.

Soror Mimm

Soror Mimm is an initiate in the Golden Dawn tradition in the Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra, an independent Golden DawnTemple located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado. She is also the Praemonstator of her Temple and is a Chief of her order. She is the owner and operator of Ye Olde Magic Shoppe where she teaches a variety of classes and workshops on magical herbalism, witchcraft, and ceremonial magic and is the owner of Peacock Publishing, an independent publisher of esoteric and occult subjects.