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Celebrating the Arts at the Magickal Women Conference

Hello 2019! This is the year it is happening!

Sara Hannant

 We are thrilled to announce that Sara Hannant will be joining us at the conference with an elemental installation. Sara is an award-winning photographer whose work is widely exhibited at venues including at the Horniman Museum, Towner Gallery and Christie’s. Her photographs have been featured on the BBC, and in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times and The British Journal of Photography among others.

Sara’s installation, which will be available throughout the day, honours ancient folk magic. Her photographs explore elementary forces, earth, air, fire and water as creative energies. Combining personal power with earth power she invites viewers to contemplate the cycles of nature transforming within us. 

©Sara Hannant
©Sara Hannant

This body of work grew from visiting Holy Wells in Cornwall and researching the seemingly mysterious removal of many offerings left by visitors. Traditionally in Cornwall, healing of an illness can be affected by tearing a strip of cloth or ‘cloutie’ from a person’s garment, dipping this into the well, making a wish, then hanging the cloth on a nearby tree. As it falls and rots, it is believed the illness will disappear. The cloth acts as a charm connecting the person to the numinous - divine power or spirits thought to inhabit the sacred place.

©Sara Hannant
©Sara Hannant

Sara joined the Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network in their ‘clean-up’ removing the non-biodegradable clouties at Sancreed Well near Penzance. She left with these discarded cloths - a bag of wishes - which she then photographed. The four classical elements are used to animate the cloths and mirror processes in the natural world. While the work respects belief in traditional magic it also exposes the contemporary problem of indestructible ritual litter. 

Delegates are invited to add to the installation a piece of coloured organic cotton that has been dipped in Sancreed Well, evoking the energy of water to embody their wishes, raising and releasing magical changes for personal healing or toward our planet and its many elemental manifestations.

Both Sara’s installation and our Artist-in-Residence Victoria Musson will be found on the second floor along with our workshop rooms, across a wide hall from the rooftop terrace (see photo below) where you are welcome to mingle during our tea and coffee breaks. Along the glass wall looking out over the terrace, we are setting up a small gallery in which we welcome artists to display their work. Please visit the Art Gallery page to learn more about how you can participate and have your work shown.

65 Queen's Gate Terrace photo ©Baden Powell House

As the day draws near, we’ll have more information to share about events planned for the conference, and soon we will posting the day’s schedule. Please keep an eye on the website, or check our Facebook page or Instagram for updates.

We can’t wait to see you there!