News from the Magickal Women Conference

Announcing the 2019 Magickal Women Conference Artist- & Storyteller-in-Residence and more!

We are pleased to announce that our Artist-in-Residence is Victoria Musson; our Storyteller-in-Residence is Baya Salmon-Hawk.

Today we also announce the second group of confirmed international Conference speakers and Masterclass presenters, with even more announcements coming soon!

Tickets are now on sale for this ground-breaking one-day event: price £75, lunch and refreshments included. Date: Saturday 1st June 2019 Venue: 65 Queen’s Gate South Kensington London SW7


About our Artist-in-Residence:

Victoria Musson

About our Storyteller-in-Residence:

Baya Salmon-Hawk

Victoria Musson
Baya Salmon-Hawk

Baya Salmon-Hawk works as a performance artist and storyteller all over Wexford bringing venues to life with her voice. From The Hook Lighthouse to the walls of Wexford Town, adults and children are entertained and sometimes startled by her tales.

She comes from a long line of Occitan Contairitz (storytellers). When she was a little girl, her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother told her the stories of their Italian and Provençal ancestors, of the ancient Greeks, the proud Romans and her favourite, the passionate Celts. She has continued to carry on with the family tradition.

She travels to national parks, famous houses, bars and restaurants to tell the stories of the Normans and Celtic ancestors, their struggles and their victories. 

Victoria Musson is a Derbyshire folk artist, a student of the old path and traditional ways, a rural folklorist, and teacher of straw craft and natural fibre art. The fertility of the land in folklore and practice is a theme that is richly entwined within her work. Victoria connects with the Genius Loci of the land, using the sandy soils and the rich iron clays, the trees from Oak to Silver Birch, the flowers and herbs of the hedgerows, and found feathers and bones, fusing together an alchemical mix of ancestor worship with ancient Pagan beliefs. Her art touches a nerve of something ancient, indigenous, tribal and sacred. 

Since leaving Derby University Victoria has been involved in many arts and performance projects, and has shared her skills in workshops and lectures, inspiring others with her love of the sacred landscape.



We are proud to announce the second group of confirmed world-class speakers and masterclass/workshop presenters.


“The Garment of Galvah: Exploring the Erotic Wisdom Body of Babalon in Practice”

Amy Hale

“The Sex Magick Corpus of Ithell Colquhoun”

Brontë Mansfield

“Margot Adler: Modern Journalism and the Construction of Magical Histories”

Cath Thompson

“Finding Babalon: An Astro-magickal Quest for the Fourth Goddess”

Giulia Turolla

“Before the Broom: Women and Witchcraft in the Ancient Mediterranean World”

Ixel Balamke

“Creating a Stronger Goddess (or is it) Priestess?! - The Magic of Enheduanna”

Liz Williams

“Jane Ellen Harrison and the Cambridge Ritualists”

Lucy Hilliar

“Magic and Mundane: the negotiation of the female self within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”

Sian Sibley

“The Descent of Inanna as a Woman’s Alchemical Initiation”

Soror Mimm

“Women of the Golden Dawn: Past, Present and Future”

Tickets are on sale now! We also have sponsorships available and are registering vendor interest.

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