News from the Magickal Women Conference

The Magickal Women Conference 2019


Welcome one and all to the Magickal Women Conference to be held in London on 1 June 2019. We are utterly delighted by the response we’ve had so far and are working behind the scenes to make this a day we will all remember.

As you can see, we now have our blog up and running. Join us here for news, updates, and announcements as the Magickal Women Conference confirms speakers, vendors, and sponsors, building up to our day for magic(k)al women’s voices to be heard in debate and celebration. Updates here on the website will also be sent out to our mailing list, so please sign up to receive future announcements. 

We have made some changes to the website over the last week or so. Here is what you might have missed since your last visit:

Our call for papers is now online. We invite speaker proposals for the conference that address themes within the following strands: History, Creative Arts, Practice. National and international interest has already been high for the Magickal Women Conference: we look forward to hearing from you with your proposals to be a part of what will be an exciting day. 

We have also updated our programme advertising and submission guidelines. We offer generous programme advertising to all magical vendors, booksellers, artists, authors, coaches, teachers, and others. Each conference vendor and attendee will receive an event program at the door, so this is an excellent way to both show your support and to reach a diverse, international audience. Visit our advertising page to learn more. 

As well as including an itinerary of the day’s speakers, acknowledgements to our sponsors, and advertising, our event programme will celebrate and give space to the voices of women (whether female by birth or not) in magic and the occult. To that end we are seeking fiction, poetry, non-fiction, personal memoirs, or experimental works to be included in our event programme. Visit our event programme page to learn more. 

We want magic(k)al women from every culture and practice to be represented by this event, if not physically then at least in spirit. To that end we are creating photo montages like the one seen on the front page of our website. We’ve begun by collecting images of those who are no longer with us, the early pioneers in our field. We’d like to continue by collecting images from those who are still with us, and who are making an impact today. 

If you would like your photograph to be included in one of our montages, please send a jpg of yourself along with a one-line bio and your preferred link to your website or social media profile to us at You can see who's who in our header images here on our image attribution page

By sending us your details, you consent to us using your photo on our website. Not all submissions will be accepted. We’ll be in touch if yours is!

And finally, you can help us spread the word about the conference through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or by sharing the link to our website. We aren’t active on the latter two just yet, but we soon will be!
That’s all we have for you this time. Please visit the site again in a week or two, as next up we’ll be announcing our vendor and sponsorship tiers. 

With very kind regards,

Sue Terry & Erzebet Barthold
Magickal Women Conference Organisers