Helene Arts

 Women of the Left-Hand Path: Practice, Praxis & Power

This presentation will provide an overview of contemporary women in the roles of teachers and leaders in the Left-Hand Path practice of Magick. The distinguishing feature of the Left-Hand Path is its assertion and reliance on the Self as the primary source of power and magick. This is in comparison to the belief in a greater power other than the Self (i.e. a God/Goddess, the “Universe,” etc), which is known as the Right-Hand Path. Note that the two paths are not divisive or at odds, but merely representative of the philosophical underpinnings of a given magickal practice. The presentation will be structured as follows:

1. A clear explanation of what the Left-Hand Path is, along with supporting examples and references.

2. A brief overview of the current state of Left-Hand Path communities, schools, and temples, with examples including the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan, along with various communities such as Luciferian, Dark Witchcraft, Black Magick, etc.

3. A discussion of women in roles of leadership within these communities and organizations in the 21st century.

4. An examination of these how these contemporary leaders, teachers, and authors are influencing the current (and future) generations of female Left-Hand Path magickal practitioners via the rewriting of their self-worth, and the refocusing on their inherent strength and power as magicians.

5. A commentary on how contemporary female Left-Hand Path magickal practitioners can be supported in their growth and development, and the positive effects that this will have for future generations of magicians of all genders.

6. In closing, research notes, bibliography and references for follow-up reading and study will be provided to participants.

Helene Arts

The occult is Helene’s life-long passion. She has been influenced most significantly by Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune, philosopher Colin Wilson, and witchcraft of a Left-Hand Path persuasion. A practicing Astrologer for over 20 years, Helene focuses on Planetary and Astrological Magick. In 2014 she purchased the premises and forest now known as Witch Hollow, and her work there can be seen on the website www.witchhollow.ca. She is a contributing author to PILLARS: The Scalding of Sapientia, and PILLARS: Circling the Compass and is currently writing a book on the topic of the Left-Hand Path (all under Anathema Publishing Ltd).

Helene is also a specialist in conflict resolution and a professional mediator. In this field, she is a consultant, university professor, and an author with a focus on the creative arts industries. She has co-authored Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People)Keep the Drama in Front of the Camera: Conflict Resolution for Film and TV; and Conflict Response Roles Inventory. Helene is currently pursuing a PhD in Conflict Studies.