Giulia Turolla

Before the Broom: Women and Witchcraft in the Ancient Mediterranean World

An overview on female witchcraft in the ancient world, with special attention devoted to the varying relationships between women social status and witchcraft in the three main cultures that would be treated (Pharaonic Egypt, ancient Greece and pre and post-republican Rome), through the following steps:

Tell me your name – Female priesthood, wise women and magical power in ancient Egypt

Over the moon – Greek witches and the infamous Thessaly

Hear me Cackle! – How the Romans gave us the Wicked Witch

Throw me an apple – Magic and female prostitution in the ancient world

Giulia Turolla

I am an Italian witch, High Priestess and teacher in the Temple of Ara tradition (Tempio di Ara, in Italy: ). I graduated with honors in Archaeology and Ancient World Cultures from Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna; my field of specialization is ancient magical/religious technology and culture.

I have been leading circles for the Temple of Ara since 2008 and actively teaching study groups and advanced workshops since 2012. As an artisan, I also create shamanic and magical tools focused on European magical traditions.

Some of my works can be seen at and