Get Involved with the Magickal Women Conference 2019

Be a Vendor, be a Volunteer, be a VIP sponsor!

Magickal Women Conference

We have opportunities for Vendors, Sponsorships and Advertising in our event programme.


If volunteering your time and expertise at the conference is something that interests you, please get in touch and let us know how you can help. At the moment we are only registering volunteer interest, so add your name to the list by sending an email to and we’ll be in touch!

Our Event Programme

We would like our event programme to be something memorable. 

As well as including an itinerary of the day’s speakers, acknowledgements to our sponsors, and advertising, our event programme will celebrate and give space to the voices of women (whether female by birth or not) in magic and the occult.

We are seeking fiction, poetry, non-fiction, personal memoirs, or experimental works to be included in our event programme.

Share with us your trials and triumphs, your practice, your lair, your received drawings and poems, or leave messages for our speakers, attendees, vendors, volunteers, and organisers. We are looking for things that lift us, inspire us, and move us.

Essays must not in any way promote a product or organisation. If you have something you would like to promote, please see our advertising guidelines or our sponsorship tiers.

Submission deadline is midnight on 28 February, 2019.

Please email submissions to with the words ‘programme sub’ in your subject line. Not all submissions will be accepted.

Our Photo Montages

We want magic(k)al women from every culture and practice to be represented by this event, if not physically then at least in spirit. To that end we are creating photo montages for the front page of our website. We’ve begun by collecting images of those who are no longer with us, the early pioneers in our field. We’d like to continue by collecting images from those who are still with us, and who are making an impact today. 

If you would like your photograph to be included in one of our montages, please send a jpg of yourself along with a one-line bio and your preferred link to your website or social media profile to us at

You can see who’s who in our header images here on our image attribution page.