Emma Kathryn

 Rebel Women and Rebel Magic

This talk will deal with the issue of rebel women and rebel magic, something which I feel is lacking in today’s magickal sphere. It will include an exploration of rebel women in the past, with a strong focus on Nanny of the Maroons, though other notable historical figures will be included. Despite the historical overlap, the main emphasis of the paper will be on the practise element of witchcraft.

For me, rebel magick doesn’t necessarily mean fighting against the powers that be, although that is certainly a part of it, but rather ways in which we, as women who practise witchcraft, can embrace our spirituality in ways in which we free ourselves. This includes an exploration of mundane issues that can act as a barrier to women practising as deeply or as often as they might want including work pressures, childcare issues and generally any, often overlooked issues that make it a challenge for women to enter any kind of magical training.

I will discuss the various groups and multi-media outlets that have provided women today with a multitude of information, and thus freedom, but will also discuss the downside, and how women might navigate the torrent of information the internet provides today.

I will also propose that folk magic traditions are making a comeback as more women are seeking for something deeper, something more meaningful that they can incorporate into their everyday lives, something that is accessible and has real meaning for them. I believe such occurrences are indeed the beginning of rebel magick, and I will discuss ways in which women can begin to practise their craft in ways that garner expertise and resilience, thus making their magick, rebel or otherwise, all the more potent.

Emma Kathyrn

Emma Kathryn has been practising witchcraft seriously for over ten years. Her practise is a blending of Traditional British Witchcraft (non-Wiccan), Obeah (Jamaican Witchcraft) and Vodou, a mixture that fully represents her cultural heritage. She also writes for a number of Pagan and Witchcraft publications, namely Gods & Radicals, The House of Twigs (where she is also an instructor), Witch Way Magazine and also Spiral Nature.