Chaweon Koo

Beyond Western Occultism: How a Korean American Witch Practices Magic 

Due to Communism banning spirituality…and lack of English translations…Asian magic traditions are not as well known in the West. This puts Asians who are bilingual and/or bicultural in a unique position: often, they grew up in the West, cut off from their roots but now long to be reconnected.

This talk will start with some of my history - about learning about my roots while living in South Korea, from Korean mountain spirits, to shamanism. However, this talk will be more than just history of Asian magic (which anyone can Wikipedia). This is also a talk about being at the crossroads of East and West, and how I try to juggle both sides of myself.

I will talk about how a first-world country like South Korea integrated shamanism and magic at the very top level (we’re talking the President of the country goes to shamans), what it’s like to be one of the very few (visible) practitioners of Western magic, why I don’t feel satisfied with just Western occult knowledge, and the dangers of cultural appropriation/exoticism.

Chaweon Koo

Chaweon Koo is a writer, YouTuber, and podcaster of occult topics. She has been interviewed on Korean radio on her magic practice and also has a Korean language occult YouTube. Links: