Charlotte Rodgers

The Dancing Serpents of Art and Magick 

I believe that we are all born both witch and artist.

Of course, the degree in which these things are inherent varies. Environment, social structure and life experiences will also invariably affect the development and expression of both our witch self and our creative self.

I feel that these traits feed and enhance the other.

My presentation explores the timeline of my experiences of magical development running alongside my creative development. I will talk of my work with bones, discarded objects and remnants of death and describe how I eventually reached a point where art and magick co-mingled and there was little discernible dividing line between the two.

I will mention experiences of working with artists who were not magical practitioners, but who worked in a way that most magicians and witches would strongly relate to.

I use visuals as part of my presentation, giving examples of the development of my work, and paralleling the nature and construction of pieces that had obvious magical focus and intent as well as those that were more subconscious and the spiritual purpose only came to light at a later date.

I will also look at how my unconscious and untrained creative self expressed itself in what can been perceived as an atavistic, trans-cultural manner when I was doing magickal work.

Art is a form of communication that when used in a spiritual context, has the potential to effect deep and powerful magick. I’ve always found it akin to discovering a previously unknown language of which each art work represents a different key or component. Until each specific is grasped one cannot move forward, but as each aspect is understood so also is comprehended part of a wider and deeper truth - that of the dancing serpents of art and magick, the double helix of true transformation.

Charlotte Rodgers

Charlotte Rodgers is an artist and author who is also an animist and nondenominational practising witch and magickian. She conceived and co-edited A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead and wrote The Bloody Sacrifice and P is for Prostitution, all published by Mandrake of Oxford. Charlotte has had her work published in magazines which include The Cauldron, The Oracle and SilkMilk, and in anthologies published by Avalonia and Scarlet Imprint. She has spoken at Edinburgh, York and Leicester Universities; The Museum of Morbid Anatomy in New York; ‘Psychoanalysis Art and The Occult’ in London and at many other events and venues. In 2017 she was awarded an a-n arts Council grant to spend ten days investigating and blogging about the New York art world. The art of Charlotte Rodgers has been exhibited widely throughout the UK, including at the Pallant House Outsider Art Exhibition, and has also been shown in New York. Examples of her work can be seen at