Cath Thompson

 Finding Babalon: An Astro-Magickal Quest for the Fourth Goddess

Cath Thompson will show the Zodiac as a story of the continuity of existence, from birth in Aries to death in Scorpio, and what happens thereafter through to rebirth, and that for magickal purposes, the most interesting portion is represented by Scorpio, the period when the status quo can be radically altered.

The build-up is represented by Libra, the judgement before Death, the immediate aftermath is represented by Sagittarius, the alchemy of being neither one thing nor the other but somewhere in between, and the result is represented by Capricorn, the Lord of the Zodiac also known as Baphomet. These four Zodiac Signs make an effective Quaternary, with correlative links to the four Quarters and the Four Elements.

This also corresponds with the period between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn, and also with the menstrual cycle. Cath will describe timing rituals to mark ingress and egress of the Moon, and show that the lunar cycle has four quarters, four phases, and therefore four Goddesses, with parallels between them and our four Zodiac signs.

To close she will explain the importance of dignifying the fourth Goddess by giving her a position in the celestial scheme.

Cath Thompson

Cath Thompson is an English Qaballist and Stellar Magickian of thirty-seven years experience; in 1980 she was the youngest initiated member of James Lees’ O.’.A.’.A.’.. Thompson is the archivist of the group’s many-layered occult investigations, including their pioneering research and development of the English Qaballa, which Lees discovered in 1976, and the application of astrological principles to ceremonial magick -- groundbreaking work to which she has contributed in no small measure. She is the author of The Magickal Language of the Book of the Law: An English Qaballa Primer, A Handbook of Stellar Magick, and All This and a Book, all published by Hadean Press.