Call for Papers

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The Magickal Women Conference 2019

Call for papers and conference speakers’ guidelines

The Magickal Women Conference 2019 is a celebration of women in all streams of magic, past and present. It will provide an opportunity to explore the female perspective of the occult, esotericism, witchcraft and magic: to this end we intend to create an all-female roster (female by birth or not) of speakers.

We invite speaker proposals for the conference that address themes within the following strands: History, Creative Arts, Practice.


Significant female historical figures (pre-21st Century) who offered a challenge to mainstream society through their adherence to and development of occultism, magic(k), witchcraft, African Traditional Religions (ATRs), Theosophy, Spiritualism or other esoteric practice. Women who led or held significant roles in Magical or Spiritual Orders such as The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Stella Matutinam, Ordo Templi Orientis, etc.. Women who defined/lived concepts such as (but not restricted to) ‘the Divine Feminine’, ‘High Priestess’, ‘satanic feminism’, ‘Scarlet Woman’. How were they perceived by men within occult society? Women who traversed the boundaries of magical/spiritual practice and suffragism, socialism, environmentalism. We are interested to understand the challenges and obstacles these women overcame, and their continuing impact and legacy in the 21st Century.

Creative Arts

Women creative artists of the past and present who use art to express and interrogate magic(k)al themes and/or personal magical experiences. Under this category we find artists, writers and surrealists such as (but not restricted to) Lady Frieda Harris, Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo, Ithell Colquhoun: what does their work reveal about their vision and practice? Female artists who use traditional craft, magical/ folkloric imagery and influences of land and seasons in their art. Dancers who embody magical, ritual and spiritual practice through performance. Women creative artists working today are invited to describe their work and its response to magical themes that resonate with the aims of the Magickal Women Conference.


Women who are continuing the occult tradition in 21st Century through practical adeptship, teaching and mentoring magical students. What does it mean to be a magical teaching adept today? What is the female influence within contemporary magic(k), in practice and in organisations? What are the main challenges for women entering magical training? How can we support and encourage magic(k)al women to develop resilience and expertise? Speakers for this section are invited to produce proposals that address specific points about women in occultism/magic and/or that reflect their personal experiences as senior teachers and adepts of many years’ standing.


1. All proposals should be 250- 500 words in length, with sufficient detail to provide the conference organisers with an understanding of the topic and how it will be structured in presentation. Each speaker will be allocated 15-20 minutes to allow for presentation and Q&A.

2. Please indicate which strand your talk falls into (History, Creative Arts, Practice), allowing for the understanding that some overlap is likely. We are more interested in hearing what you want to speak about than forcing speakers into strictly-defined categories.

3. Please use 12-point sans serif font and double spacing; number and identify each page of your submission.

4. Please indicate what equipment you will need for your presentation (projector/screen etc).

5. Please provide a brief personal biography with relevant experience, publications, notable achievements and advise where examples of your work may be seen (if appropriate), eg websites, blogs, past performances, exhibition catalogues.

6. Please email your proposals to

7. Any questions or clarifications before deadline date should be sent to the same address.

8. Please provide your contact details.

9. The conference audience will comprise academics, expert magical practitioners and general public and your proposals should recognise this. We are inclusive, welcoming to all and aim to generate debate across scholarly/magical/lay boundaries.

10. We intend to publish pieces from our speakers and from those who are not selected to speak. Please advise on your proposal document if you would/would not like to be considered for inclusion in our conference programme or other publication. Further details will be advised at a later date.


We will make our final decisions once all papers have been received.

Conference date: Saturday 1 June 2019 Venue: London SW7 (confirmed)

National and international interest has already been high for the Magickal Women Conference: we look forward to hearing from you with your proposals to be a part of what will be an exciting day.

Sue Terry and Erzebet Barthold, Magickal Women Conference Organisers