Caitlín Matthews

Sounding the Silence: Embodying and Singing the Otherworld 

Everyone begins their spiritual journey from a different place, family, and context, with the gifts they are given. Caitlín Matthews explores her own magical beginnings and where they have led, following the tracks of resonance, sound, silence, and singing, along environmental, ancestral, and spiritual pathways.

Starting with the challenge of having to navigate the world with poor sight, Caitlín developed as a child a method of ‘seeing’ by resonance, which helped her discover what was present: however, the same method revealed what was not apparent to the senses, the unseen Otherworld. Sounding the Silence, sending a voice, singing the unseen story, became both her meditation and practice, and now her way of healing and spiritual embodiment.

The environmental and ancestral factors of this work of understanding the unseen and navigating the Otherworld remain central to any approach to magical work, and a (disregarded) but wonderful way of opening to All That Is: for the land and ancestors sing with us. For those who are trying to establish or strengthen magical contacts, the voice and our sense of the field of resonance about us, always come with us as primary tools.

Caitlín Matthews

Caitlín Matthews is known worldwide as a writer, ritualist and shamanic practitioner. Trained by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki and Gareth Knight, she has gone on to teach the ancestral and Celtic traditions worldwide. Her many books include Singing the Soul Back Home, Celtic Visions, Walkers Between Worlds, and Lost Book of the Grail (with John Matthews.) She has taught internationally for many institutions: the peace village Neve Shalom in Tel Aviv; the Institute of Integral Studies in Berkeley; the Temenos Academy, and Princes of Wales Trust in London; The Guild of Pastoral Psychology at St Hilda’s College, Oxford; the Institute of Systemic Musicology in Jyväskylä, Finland, among many others. She is co-founder of FÍOS, the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, dedicated to the spiritual arts that are rarely studied or catalogued. She teaches a shamanic training course and has a practice in Oxford dedicated to healing soul and ancestral fragmentation. For her books and events see: