The Art Gallery at the Magickal Women Conference

The gallery for the 2019 Magickal Women Conference is now closed. We cannot accept any further applications.

The gallery will be situated in the second-floor hallway, with the tables backing onto wide windows looking out onto the rooftop terrace (see photo below) where guests are welcome to mingle during our tea and coffee breaks.

65 Queen's Gate Terrace © Baden Powell House

 Artists please note: this is a display area only. Work cannot be sold from the gallery, although you are welcome to leave your business cards or other contact information on the table. If you would prefer to sell your artwork at the conference, please see our Vendor page.


We have 10 small easels available.

The small easel can accommodate artwork up to 40cm high by 30cm wide. £15.00 to reserve.

We have 8 medium easels available.

The medium easel can accommodate artwork up to 60cm high by 40cm wide. £25.00 to reserve.

Small variances in measurements are permitted.

Limit 2 easels per artist.