The Garment of Galvah: Exploring the Erotic Wisdom Body of Babalon in Practice

During the 16th Century scrying sessions undertaken by John Dee and Edward Kelley that produced the so-called Enochian magical system, the female, angelic intelligence Galvah declared that “true wisdom is always painted with a woman’s garment”. From this quote and the wider Enochian corpus it can be inferred that correspondences may exist between the Wisdom Body of Galvah as representing an emanation of the divine feminine and the Gnostic Sophia (Wisdom), and the complex garb of the goddess epitomised by the mysterious Veils of Isis, symbolising the mysteries of creation. An erotic dimension inherent within the Enochian, feminine current is confirmed when Dee and Kelley encounter the ‘Daughter of Fortitude’ (identified with the Whore of Revelation and the Thelemic Babalon by many present day academics/practitioners), who forcefully affirms the initiatic imperative and primordial nature of her distinctively sexual wisdom. Centuries later, the descriptions of Babalon in Aleister Crowley’s Liber 418 and Jack Parson’s Liber 49 establish her provenance as an Enochian intelligence and role as an avatar of embodied sexual gnosis. Thus it can be construed that the Enochian universe represents an important source of feminine sex-magical wisdom. However, cohesive models of the occult anatomy of Babalon that would support the technical development of progressive sex-magical practices have been elusive.

In her talk/slideshow, Amodali will present a personal interpretation of the magical architecture of the ‘Garment of Galvah’, and how it relates to the female body and subtle anatomy as developed over thirty years of practice as a Priestess of Babalon. Amodali uses an experiential, heuristic and reflexive methodology in her practice, based upon direct experiences of communion with Babalon through invocation and trance/possession techniques. The initiatic remit implicit within the Babalon current suggests that women may define and communicate its sex-magical knowledge system from an empowered independent position, within a movement that renegotiates ontological structures and magical formulas within its organisation. Also, as the complex phenomenology and magical cultivation of women’s sexual response and analogous altered states of consciousness within magical settings and practices is sparsely researched and recorded, it’s suggested that the articulation, unveiling or uncovering (apokálypsis) of radical, innovative configurations of magical sexuality by women is an essential aspect of the Babalon or ‘156 Current’. Amodali’s findings suggest that the magic of Babalon offers ingress into a promising but highly challenging sex-magical knowledge system which possesses a specific arrangement of subtle architecture and energetic/kinetic dynamics — powered by magical forms of Status Orgasmus and grounded in a complex alchemical process. By which the central mysteries of the 156 Current as defined by Crowley’s Liber CLVI can be reinterpreted and developed into a sacrament actively formulated and given in initiation by Women.

Amodali '© Anima Nocturna'

Amodali is a multidisciplinary artist, chantress, writer and practicing occultist from the North of England. She has applied these activities since the 1980’s to developing sex-magical practices, models of mystical topography and erotic phenomenology of the Thelemic Goddess ‘Babalon’ and the 156 Current of magic. The results of this experimentation was given its first public exposure through an extensive series of live ritual performances incorporating trance states, extended vocal methods and movement as the ‘Mother Destruction’ project (1990-2000) and subsequent solo live showings. Since graduating from the Liverpool School of Art in 2003 her mixed-media collages exploring the occult dynamics of the 156 current have been exhibited internationally. An interactive, multimedia installation ‘Liber Incarnadine – The Book of Flesh’ is permanently online at

An essay, ‘Introductory Theoria on Progressive Formulas of the Babalon Priestesshood’ was published in 2016 as part of the Three Hands Press anthology A Rose veiled in Black-Arcana and Art of Our Lady Babalon. A full length synthesis of her work ‘The Marks of Teth’ will be published by Three Hands Press in the near future. Amodali has lectured widely on the subject of Babalon and the 156 Current at events such as the Esoteric Book Conference (USA), the Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness lecture series (London), and recently presented a paper — ‘The Harlot that Shaketh Death: Aleister Crowley’s ‘Babalon’ as a source of innovative, erotic, phenomenological models in contemporary esoteric practice’ at the Association for the Study of Esotericism Conference 2018.

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