Alkistis Dimech

 Flower on Fire (Dance. Sex. Heresy.)

As a dancer and choreographer and as a practitioner of magic, my work is oriented towards an enquiry into the body and its mysteries, its environs; what I have termed the ‘occulted body.’ Beginning with a brief explanation of my conception of the body, its inherent potentials and vulnerabilities — by which we can decipher its self-making and self-unmaking — I will address why I believe it is central to a radically transformative magic, and its techne is imperative to the corporeal apprehension of an apocalyptic mysticism.

To this end I will give an insight into my practice, specifically in relation to trance states. I will describe some of the embodied techniques which I employ to alter consciousness, to move and be moved within such states; exploring the resonances and tensions between the states of consciousness one experiences in dance and performance, and those of sexual trance.

To conclude, I show how my practice, both performance and private ritual, is grounded in and informed by an erotic eschatology which I connect with Babalon, ‘the mother of harlots and abominations’ — in my understanding a post- or anti-Christian incarnation of the feminine divine.

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Alkistis is the co-founder of Scarlet Imprint, editrix, type-setter and book designer. In 2002 she became a butoh dancer, with an improvised performance in Copenhagen, and has pursued the practice and philosophy of the dance since then. Her publishing can be found at and her dance work at