The Magickal Women Conference

A day for magic(k)al women’s voices to be heard in debate and celebration.

Magickal Women Conference

Thank you!

The inaugural Magickal Women Conference was held on 1 June, 2019 and by all accounts was a huge success! Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, vendors, visitors, contributors, designers - YOU made this conference a triumph!

Feedback on the 2019 conference is welcome. Please use the form here to tell us what you thought about the event.

We’re doing it again next year!

The Magickal Women Conference pays homage to the women of the past who challenged the status quo by embracing mysticism, esotericism, and occult teachings, and to the women who continue those rich traditions through lived practice, performance, and adeptship.

In 2019 we put together an astounding international roster of speakers, masterclasses, and workshops, including our headline speaker Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, our keynote speaker Christina Oakley-Harrington, our Artist-in-Residence Victoria Musson, and our Storyteller-in-Residence Baya Salmon-Hawk.

We honour all women, whether female by birth or not; please read our full statement on trans-women, non-binary and other gender-variant identities here.

Magickal Women Conference Organisers

Sue Terry

Sue Terry

Sue Terry is a PhD candidate at the University of Surrey. Her research area is witchcraft, occultism and the magical imagination in Modernist fiction by British female authors.


Erzebet Barthold

Erzebet Barthold

Erzebet Barthold is a book artist and binder, and the founder of Hadean Press, publisher of occult books, journals, and pamphlets. She is a member of the Miniature Book Society, the Society of Bookbinders, and the Ordo Templi Orientis.